Torn Ligament in Knee

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Nobody likes to have to deal with pain, and that goes double for pain that affects our mobility. So when we are given a torn ligament in knee diagnosis, you know it has to turn our world upside down. The very fact that this pain will be more than just an inconvenience, is enough to send us reeling to find the appropriate care.

From the time we observe the swelling In the knee, we should be concerned about what is coming next. As one of the major torn ligament in knee symptoms, the swelling is not restricted to a torn ligament problem, however when you add pain with it, you will be ready to visit the Knee Pain Doctor immediately.

Another way you can confirm that you have a torn ligament in knee problem is when you start hearing noises like popping coming from it. Actually, people who play a lot of sports are more likely to find themselves with this complication. A torn ligament can be triggered by a variety of symptoms, like a blow to the knee, a bad landing, or stopping too quickly during a run.

Once the doctor has determined that you have all the torn ligament in knee symptoms, he will more than likely order an x-ray for you. Other tests to confirm the diagnosis could include an MRI, a CT Scan or a bone scan. Based on the severity of the damage, the doctor will provide you with a list of your options.

There are a variety of torn ligament in knee treatment choices that can be made, some will be based on the age of the patient, while others could result from what they are comfortable with. These medical options can range from medications, to therapy, to wearing a knee brace until the damaged knee has a chance to heal itself.

If the injury is too severe, then the torn ligament in knee treatment could require a more aggressive approach, like a ligament repair. The final decision as to how the damage can be dealt with will be based on the suggestions from the doctor and the patient themselves. One thing is for certain, a torn ligament shouldn’t be left alone, especially since you have so many options.