What is the Vampire Facelift

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When most individuals think about a vampire, they don’t necessarily think of a beautifully skinned individual who is able to stand up against the test of time and look incredible. However an individual pictures a vampire, one of the latest techniques for treating wrinkles around the eyes, lips and other areas of the face is known as the vampire facelift. If you are wondering what is vampire facelift, you are going to find that it is rather painless and actually uses what your body is able to produce naturally in order to improve your look: blood. With your own blood, you can rejuvenate your look and redevelop new skin cells in areas around your face that has long its elasticity, all while setting back the clock and reducing your overall look.

What is Vampire Facelift?

When you start wondering what is the vampire facelift and what is it going to do, the answer is a rather straight forward process. Over time, your face is going to turn a grayish tint because there is less blood flow in the area. The shape is going to start to slightly collapse because of less muscle and collagen, and the overall texture becomes less smooth. All of this can be corrected through the Vampire facelift.

To start, the physician first draws about two teaspoons of your own blood. This is no different than if you were donating blood or participating in a blood test. The medical team then uses centrifuge and isolates platelets from the blood. Through a series of other steps performed to the blood, the platelets are increased and provided a new growth factor that is typically utilized in order to treat wounds (such as how your body starts to recover from a skinned knee). The blood is then injected into different areas around your face. A numbing cream is first applied, so the small needle is almost impossible to be felt.

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What is the Vampire Facelift and How Does it Help?

With the blood now injected back into the skin, the newly circulated blood is going to add color back to the skin in the face. The altered blood platelets are also going to help repair the muscles and improve the look of wrinkles around the skin. It takes anywhere for two to three months to receive the full benefits and the full results last for about two years.