Halland Chen, MD

Impact Health Institute

Dr. Halland Chen MD is a Double Board Certified physician specializing in natural ways for patients to heal faster and feel better. Dr. Halland has been featured on HBO, Forbes, and Elle and is an expert in longevity, stem cells, anti-aging and non-surgical options for pain relief and repairing injuries. He is focused on peak performance, life extension and optimizing wellness by reducing inflammation in the body using Regenerative Medicine, Biohacking, and natural supplements. He applies his unique techniques for patients to address sports injuries, pain management conditions, anti-aging and high performance clients.

Becoming SUPERHUMAN / The Future of Personalized Wellness

Summary Video, 3 minutes

Becoming SUPERHUMAN / The Future of Personalized Wellness

Full-Length Video,42 minutes

Dr Halland was featured on Elle Magazine to showcase his PRP facial treatment