Can Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy Heal Knee Arthritis?

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Stem Cell Therapy For Knee Arthritis And Sports Injuries

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy is a non-surgical treatment procedure that works as an alternative to traditional pain management therapies in Orthopedics, specially knee arthritis.

Mesenchymal Stem Cells is a primitive cell with the ability to:

– Self Replicate

– Differentiate Into Multiple Tissues Such As; Bone, Muscle, Cartilage, Fat

– Reduce Inflammation

– Fight Apoptosis ( Cell Death )

As stated in many accredited medical journals, Adult Stem Cells are means by which our bodies naturally heal throughout our lifetime. This works by unlocking the body’s potential to heal while reversing the signs of aging and tissue damage.

Studies show that the end products produced by the Mesenchymal Stem Cells are similar to those of the immune system.

Overview of Stem Cell Therapy in Orthopedics


As we age the process of repair is slowed down due to reduced production of mesenchymal stem cells (body’s own repair cells).
This causes the joint’s elastic tissue to become stiff and lose its elasticity, thereby increasing its susceptibility to damage and wear and tear.
Aging, exercise, sports and injuries cause excessive wear and tear of the body.

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy can be applied to treat this problem, where using your own body’s cells to repair and promote healing of the degenerated or injured joint takes place.

Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy can help with the following conditions, such as:

– Osteoarthritis ( Degenerative Joint Disease)

– Degenerative Vertebral Discs

– Chronic Tendonitis

Upon evaluation, Dr. Halland is able to provide you with recommendations for many types of advanced sports and orthopedic treatments suitable for you.
Mesenchymal Stem Cell Therapy is a revolution in relieving joint pain without the need for invasive surgical interventions.
It is especially useful in the case of sports medicine, allowing one to not only feel healthier but also return to their daily training much earlier than with surgery.


Patient Education: The Use of Stem Cell Therapy for Knee Arthritis or Sports Injuries


Overview of The Stem Cell Therapy Procedure?

During a Stem Cell Therapy procedure, Stem Cells are isolated from the patient, concentrated and delivered back to the site of injury to assist in the healing process.
Adult Stem Cells can be harvested in a laboratory setting or within the procedure, non vitro expansion.

Dr. Halland does not use in vitro expansion, the adult stem cells are derived, harvested, processed within the procedure room and delivered to the patient as needed.
For Adipose derived Mesenchymal Stem Cell harvesting, Dr. Halland uses a ready to use, non enzymatic and innovative method.

Dr. Halland uses modern technological methods to retrieve stem cells from the patient’s body, concentrate them and then re-inject this mixture precisely to the specific area of requirement.
The re- injected stem cells enhance the natural repair process of damaged, degenerated and injured tissues, tendons, ligaments and arthritic joints.

Step 1:

To obtain Adipose Mesenchymal Cells.

This is an in clinic simple liposuction procedure. Areas rich in fat such as the abdomen are opted for and after applying local anesthesia, fat extraction can begin.

Step 2:

The fat obtained undergoes fat grafting in order to separate and remove the oil and blood products from the cells.

Step 3:

A small amount of the patient’s blood is drawn.

The platelets undergo centrifugation. This PRP is now abundant with growth factors

Step 4:

These growth factors are added to the mixture of adipose fat cells and stem cells.

Step 5:

This magic mixture, rich in growth factors and stem cells is then transported to the site of injury, in this case the stem cells are added to the hip joint as needed via ultra-scope for precision guided imaging.

Once the procedure is complete, the patient recovers and rests within the clinic and is provided with a customized post procedure rehabilitative period.
Dr. Halland keeps a track of the post procedure healing progress by regular follow up visits or follow up via phone, and email.


What to Expect Post Stem Cell Procedure?

Stem Cells Therapies are followed by a simple post procedure protocol, with no requirement for an overnight hospital stay. Patients can expect to walk out of the clinic and resume low impact activities as soon as they finish the procedure.

Here is a brief overview of what the Stem Cell Therapy offers:

– Non- surgical stem cell injections

– Same day procedure

– Minimal downtime

– Very little to no painful and long rehabilitation periods

– Viable alternative for those facing surgery or joint replacement specially for hips


Following the Knee Stem Cell Procedure, patient may experience the following stages of healing:

  • Patients will experience immediate results and can expect to walk out of the clinic immediately.
  • Some patients may experience mild pain for the first 2-5 days.
  • Following this period, the patient experiences a decrease in pain with sustained pain relief.
  • After this period, patients experience no pain, improved function and increased range of motion.
  • Rest is a must for the first 24 hours.
  • Restrict and avoid any extensive motion for the first 2 weeks.
  • Following procedure, week 3-4 cardio and simple muscle strengthening is recommended.
  • However each candidate for a Stem Cell Procedure is a unique and different patient. Success and post procedure recovery is dependent on the patient’s condition and their body’s healing capability.