Sore Knee Treatment

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If you are currently suffering from a sore knee or sore knee cap and interested in finding information about sore knee treatment, then you have come to the right place. There are a lot of reasons for sore knees, the most common being sore knee from running.

There are a lot of reasons why your knees may be sore, such as knee strains, ligament tears and sprains to name a few. In situations like these, it is best that you immediately raise the leg in an upright position to reduce swelling and also helps in minimizing the chances of further knee complications. While you are the leg is resting in an upright position, apply ice to the swelling directly. After the swelling has subsided, then you can wrap the knee with bandages since this will minimize the knee soreness. When wrapping the knee with a bandage, make sure that this is tight enough to support the knee while the strain or sprain heals, yet not too tight that it will interfere with the blood circulation.

In scenarios in which the knee soreness is a result of a surgical treatment, then the best approach is to use compression bandages while keeping the leg in the same upright position. The compression bandages are there to help keep the knee in place. Furthermore, anti-inflammatory and painkillers are often administered to reduce the chances of further swelling. Then there is also the option of physical therapy to help with the healing of the knee. While the knee is healing under the supervision of a trained physical therapist, the physical therapist is aimed at strengthening the knee and helps it regain its full range of motion.

Some conditions will also lead to knee soreness, such as osteoporosis, arthritis and bursitis. In a situation that there is no inflammation in the knee, then you can safely apply heat to relieve so have some relief. You may also use a heating pad since it is very effective. If you do not have any, you can then use an improvised one, simply place table salt in to a sock, then heat it on a microwave for a minute and apply. Make sure that you do not apply the heat for prolonged periods since this will cause irritation to the skin. If these self-treatments do not work, then it is best that you consult with a trained professional.

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