Success Stories: Testimony on Knee Pain Relief after Knee Surgery Failed

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These are real people just like you, who have experienced pain due to sports injuries, knee replacement surgery, arthritis and want to share their success stories post treatment.

“I have had my knee replacement surgery and my pain wasn’t getting any better.”

– E. Jarrett

Ms. Essie Jarrett, came to see Dr. Halland after she watched an episode of The Doctors show demonstrating the iovera treatment.

At this point, she had already undergone a knee replacement surgery along with multiple extensive surgeries to her right knee, with no relief in pain.

So how bad was the damage?

Not only was she living with extreme pain, but, was unable to move or bend her right knee which had a total knee replacement and surgical revision. Of particular importance, she stated that she was unable to carry out day-to-day activities such as laundry or grocery shopping. This also deprived her of the one thing she loved most, limiting her activity playtime with her grandchildren.

Ms. Jarrett notes, “my pain on the scale of 1-10 was 10+… I tried to manage my pain with pain medications which did not work too well… I have had my knee replaced and it wasn’t getting any better. ”

After a thorough evaluation and  strategic treatment combination, Dr. Halland suggested the application of iovera treatment. The procedure reduced her pain, instantly.  For Ms. Essie, she felt wonderful because finally she was pain free, and better yet the results were immediate.

When Dr. Halland followed up with her several weeks later, she stated that she still felt pain free and was able to walk without a cane. She can now enjoy car rides, spend the weekend with her grandchildren and walk around her house without any pain or use of medication.